DC, AC & EC Fans

With the advance of modern technology, it may not be a surprise to observe that there is an apparent trend of packing more performance into a smaller footprint in all products across the industries. At the same time, this has a side effect of increasing power density within the products, and led to an increasing demand for fan cooling capacity and efficiency.

There is a constant pressure of delivering fans with higher performance and efficiency to ensure the components run at their most optimum and provide undisturbed operation. With more than 300 highly skilled engineers in multiple disciplines related to air cooling, AVC is perfectly positioned to meet this challenge.

The quality and reliability of AVC fan products are tested by carrying out a series of tests such as high/low temperature running, thermal/mechanical shock, thermal cycling and vibration. Facilities for further testing such as acoustic level, sound quality, water, and corrosion resistance are available.

All AVC fan products conform to the European directive on the restriction of the use of hazardous substances in electrical and electronic equipments (RoHS). In addition, 100% halogen free products are also available at request.

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Passive Cooling

AVC has in-house production capability of heat sink, heat pipe, heat spreader, and cold plate. Our ISO 17025 Lab and mock-up centers enable us to verify the design and shorten sample lead-time for our customers.

Applications of our products include a variety of different lines of businesses: Telecommunication, Renewable Energy, Power Supplies, Infrastructure Technology, Automation Industry, Computer Science and many more. Our vertical integration allows for the highest level of quality control, and makes us stand out from our competition.

Products: Heat sink, Heat pipe, Vapor chamber, Cold plate

CPU Coolers

AVC believes in providing the most effective and efficient solution for CPU cooling. With current processors easily reaching power loss of up to 150Watt, it is our aim to protect the processors by the combination of heat sinks, heat pipes and fans.

Our CPU coolers and heat sinks are individually tailored to maximize thermal dissipation and minimize noise for each type of processor and socket. This is particularly important since almost every new processor generation differ in both thermal and mechanical profile.  In addition, as leading expert in heat pipe design, we are able to incorporate this technology to provide cooling for the smallest and most restrictive areas of contacts.

Whether it is to provide cooling for servers where priorities are to reach the maximum cooling, or work stations that requires compliance to office ergonomic guidelines to noise, AVC strives to provide the perfect balance between noise and performance.

LED Thermal Solutions

AVC is a global market leader for diverse LED thermal management, manufacturing, and development of innovative cooling applications for indoor and outdoor LED lighting industries.

By co-designing and cooperating with the research and development department of the biggest lighting manufacturer worldwide, AVC provides the most up-to-date designs in LED thermal solutions.

Our cooling systems include both passive, low noise solutions, as well as active solutions offering maximum cooling performance. All of our designs have the common aim to guarantee an efficient solution with high quality heat sinks to fulfil customers’ needs.

For standard LED cooling solutions, please refer to our Partner Section on our website.

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