AVC provides customers with comprehensive total thermal solutions by carrying out co-design with customers. AVC is also capable of providing customized thermal simulation and in-house integration capability.
AVC's innovative technologies integrated engineering expertise with sophisticated simulation software (Flotherm, Icepack) and test equipments which enables AVC to develop high performance, low noise and cost effective solutions. The advanced software can simulate the fan airflow, bearing balancing, heat sink and etc. for complete system thermal design.

AVC ServiceSophisticated Test Lab with Quality Engineering

AVC can provide component, board and system level tests in design stage. With the helps of ISO17025 certified Lab, we can shorten the product development cycle.

In Performance Lab:
We can perform a series of test to evaluate or verify the performance of the product prototype including : Sound Power, Sound Pressure, Sound Quality, Wind Tunnel, and Heat Transfer tests.

In Measuring Lab:
Sophisticated CMM (Coordinate Measuring Machine) instruments help us to maintain the precise physical specifications of the product.

In the Reliability Lab:
AVC is capable of carrying out all kind of test to ensure the product can fulfill the strict requirements of customers. We can perform: Temperature Test (High and low temperature), Damp Test, Thermal Shock Test, Auto Monitor Life Test, Salt Mist Test, Dust Proof and Water Proof Test, Vibration Test and etc. The most advanced HALT (High Acceleration Life Test) can perform aging test in the short period and help engineer to locate design and structure problem.

In the RoHS Lab:
In order to fulfill the requirements of RoHS instructions, AVC can also conduct full RoHS tests with XRF, ICP-OES 2000DV, UV-Vis, Gas Chromatography and Mass Spectrometer.

Quality Control, Management and Six Sigma

AVC ensures the design, the services, and the manufacturing process quality via the well-functioned Quality Assurance System in every aspect. Our systems are certified by many standards including ISO9001, ISO14001, OHSAS18001, S8000, ANSI/ESD S20.20, QC080000.

Furthermore, we are still improving this system by deploying statistical control and management. AVC has deployed extensive statistical quality control tools in many internal or external processes.

Every employee in AVC has to go through mandatory statistical quality control trainings. During the product development phase, the CTQ (critical to quality) parameters are identified and tracked. The stability and capability of the processes are also monitored via corresponding indexes.

More than that, AVC has been driving Lean Manufacturing, Six Sigma, and Design for Six Sigma (DFSS) rigorously. Every organization in AVC runs Six Sigma projects for continuous improvement on system and process. AVC is always trying to reduce the variation of critical parameters in the manufacturing process control, rather than just screening out the defects by inspection.


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